Daddy Daughter Dance

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Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance

I have four children.

Three girls and one boy.

Our household is rarely quiet.

There is hustle and there is bustle.

There is arguing and laughter and cutlery clanking.

Musical notes and slightly sore throats from simply trying to be heard.

But now, in the silence, I find myself thinking, as they are all dreaming in bed.

Those times that mean the most to me are the moments between the minutes, the stillness in the busy when I can just hold one of my little girls close.

In that instant everything fades away and all that is left is love.

As I spin her around the cold kitchen floor, the clamour of noise seems to cease.

It’s like the house fades away until all that’s left is my daughter and me under a blanket of stars.

This what our heavenly Father longs for the most.

His heart yearns for those moments when everything fades and it’s just you and him spinning together in that eternal embrace, hearing His words as He whispers “I love you”.

This, the worship that no one sees, is what should inform all our public worship.

You see, sometimes worship is simply a daddy-daughter dance under the stars…

So take a moment today to let everything else fade away and, if even for just a minute, spend some time dancing with Him.